Sunday, 12 January 2014


Authentic QUALITY STREET  "Tweets"  - from Elizabeth

For all those who occasionally :-)  miss my "Quality Street" tweets  - re my genuine Nottingham Lace tablecloths

#NG1 Genuine Nottingham Lace Tablecloths R attractive/rare & NOT mass produced - DIRECT ONLY via the  NOT the HIGH ST
#NG1 Genuine Nottingham Lace Tablecloths are not mass produced. Rare/excellent value/ exclusive 32 designs with historical name /location
#NG1 Another full year ahead choosing a gift of true unique individuality, distinction & quality & NOT available on the High Street - FACT
UNIQUE unchallenged ONLINE collection of GENUINE Nottingham Lace Tablecloths available DIRECT, free from Agent/Distributor financial costs
MOST comprehensive collection genuine Nottingham Lace Tablecloths & Dressings 32 designs /213 products ONLINE & available DIRECT Superb gift
#ng1 -Another description for "World Renowned" Nottingham Lace. "VINTAGE" Nottingham Lace is also relevant - visit 
#NG1 Satisfy the urge to collect. Gifts with genuine intrinsic value & antique potential. 4 any occasion/event. See 
#ng14 Case for being recognised as a genuine ANTIQUE in the "not- too-distant" future - see Worldoflace Blog

Single, Married, established couple Consider genuine "Nottingham Lace" as a LIFETIME gift for 2014 Valentines Day 

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